Bombshells offers series based classes as well as conditioning / optimizer classes so that our clients can totally tailor their dance and fitness journey in alignment with their goals. We also offer workshops throughout the year, Private / Semi Private training and specialize in Bachelorette and Girls Nite Out Parties!

We require pre-registration / pre payment to reserve spots in all classes. We accept Visa and MasterCard as well as debit, cash and checks in studio for your convenience.¬†All classes must be reserved in advance. We have a 12 hour cut off for online enrollment and a strict 12 hour class cancellation policy. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for a class we reserve the right to refuse participation as this is a safety concern. Please also keep your cellphones off the floor and in your purse ūüôā

Our pole dance series classes train weekly to become well rounded, technique focused dancers.   Classes are one hour in length and include an important mix of freestyle dance moves, floorwork/flexibility, muscle conditioning as well as pole work, to help students gain strength, confidence and advance safely.  Every participant moves up at their own pace. 

Pole Essentials¬†‚Äď Level 1 ( 4 Week Beginner Series)
For everyone new to Pole Dance and wishing to focus on basic skills and confidence on on the pole.  Class focuses on proper warm up techniques, hip openers, dance basics, safe stretching, simple spins, easy transitions and beginner grips and holds. Something new every week!

Pole Flow – Level 2
Dance, sweat and get your sexy on! This Bombshell signature class will accelerate your pole skills and take your spins to new heights! Connect the dots with transitions and those famous little secrets that dancers are known for. Expect free-styling with the pole to become much more natural to you as you lay down a solid foundation for movement, musicality and counting. Pre Requisite: Heels, kneepads and leg warmers encouraged!

Exotic Dance / Pole Flow – Level 2+
Its ok to be sexy ! This class will take you on a more seductive pole dancing journey as you explore various freestyle techniques, transitions, floorwork and sequencing on and off the pole. Expect to learn a new combo every week, work with various genres of music and become a more confident pole dancer.

Pole Inversions – Level 3

This class is for those who are ready to go upside down on the pole, learning basic inversions, lifts and introductory leg hangs. We will also work on spins / spin combos, perfecting your left and right sides, with some sexy sequencing utilizing transitions and floor work.¬†Newcomers will have 1:1 instructor spotting and will work on our 5″ crash mats until the instructor approves the student working on her own. Students must wear shorts or skorts for inner thigh – pole connectivity. ¬†

Pole Choreography / Performance Class
Ever thought of learning a choreographed routine from beginning to end and performing it with a group once perfected? This class trains at various levels throughout the year and perform their creations at our Open Houses and Pole Shows. A True dancers class – enjoy all of the elements to pole + chair + exotic dance….and expect it to be spicy! Want to perform a solo at our next showcase? Contact us to inquire about private training with one of our instructors or studio rental for practice time.¬†

Intermediate Pole – Level 4

Intermediate Pole is where you are definitely experiencing the dancer‚Äôs high! Your confidence and strength have evolved and it is here that you truly start to witness the ‚ÄúI can‚Äôt believe I just did that‚ÄĚ moves. You must have a solid inversion and confidence with¬†handstands and inner thigh grips (pre requisite – Pole Inversions with instructor’s approval to advance). Not only will you be taking your inversions to the next level with moves like the Gemini, Scorpio and Butterfly, you will be working the floor like a true Goddess and learning how to sequence pole and floor techniques together¬†in a way you never thought possible!

Spinning Pole – Level 4+
Spin Pole is a whole new world! Expand your pole repertoire as you learn to take static poses to spin mode. This class will amplify full body conditioning, core strength and shoulder stability techniques and drills as you gain more control and climb to new heights combining tricks and transitions in new ways.

Advanced Pole – Level 5
For the truly dedicated! Our advanced classes are designed to work you to your fullest potential. The pole world is a totally limitless place by the time you get training at an advanced level. Advanced pole students are constantly pushing their boundaries and mastering their personal favourite tricks. Students at this level have identified with their strengths and style and are ever-evolving in the mastery of their pole passion.

Pole Expert Series / Nemesis Moves
designed for the daredevil pole dancer! In this class we focus on specific moves and sequences that require a little more time, effort and one on one instruction. Perfect for anyone seeking out a challenge to add to their pole repertoire and working on your nemesis moves! Must have confident sit, inversions and strong outside / inside leg hangs.

Bombshell conditioning classes are for all dancers regardless of fitness level. These classes are offered “a la carte” via class passes and are designed to “polish” your skills and enhance your training. Each class is one hour in length, and has a specific focus and unique delivery. Make sure to keep a pass in your Bombshell account so you can train in extra classes when your time permits and explore a variety of pace and movement at the studio!

Floor Fever
A Low and slow floor inferno!¬† This erotic dance¬†conditioning¬†class is centered around floorwork where participants can expect to improve their skills¬†and fluidity between the poles and on the floor.¬†Students will explore¬†leg tangles, whip kicks,¬†crawling, slithering and grinding moves such as the “Magic Mike”¬†as well as flexibility¬†conditioning for splits and beyond.¬†** Must bring kneepads and heels are strongly encouraged! Be prepared to explore your body in ways you could never imagine!

Fly Gym Aerial Fitness
We were one of the first certified studios in Canada and are Burlington’s first Fly Gym Equipped Studio! Fly Gym is the newest development in Aerial Fitness incorporating elements of suspended athletic conditioning, Aerial Yoga and Pilates exercises as well as pole & aerial arts inspired movements. Participants can expect to gain incredible core strength and control, experience spinal decompression and enjoy deeper, more relaxing stretches. Find creativity in movement as you sculpt your body in the air! Reserve early!

Flex and Fly

Get Flexy with Fly Gym!! This class is designed with flexibility elements in mind, strengthening and elongating your beautiful body in the fly gym swings with an emphasis on getting in to your splits. All levels welcome!

Hot Seat
The Ultimate A$$ class! A foxy full-body workout with a fusion of lapdance, chair dance, striptease and twerk. Your kitchen chair will never look the same again. Expect lots of steam in this hour!

Pole Conditioning
Power it up on the Pole! One hour of mega-conditioning those precious muscles required for optimal pole performance! This class will prepare you in strength and endurance for more challenging pole skills using a combination of interval and circuit training techniques. Expect to fatigue your muscles and see your body respond very quickly to this wonderfully powerful form of fitness! All fitness levels welcome. 

Are you planning on performing or competing? Do you have a Hot Date Emergency? Or maybe you just want to train on your own terms and time. Private lessons are the solution for clients who are looking for one on one instructor attention where we get you to your goals on time and as planned! 
ARMY OF SASS is a heels dance performance & training program in Canada for women of all levels, from beginner to professional. It is a chance to gain confidence and physical strength while working on improving your dance skills in the sassy HEELS style. We offer 3 Р10 week sessions per year. Each session includes a 2 hour weekly class with the first hour dedicated to heels technique + conditioning, the second hour dedicated to show choreography. Each session ends with a  larger than life themed AOS productions starring of course… the ladies of AOS! Join the heels dance revolution today, check out our series schedule for the next session starting dates! 

Missed Class Policy

Missed Classes: We require 12 hours notice to cancel your class. Classes can be cancelled online from your account or, you can call or email the studio to inform us that you cannot attend in order to avoid being charged a $20 penalty. No show/ late cancellation fees will be automatically charged to your credit card or applied to your account. FACEBOOK MESSAGING IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE FORM OF CANCELLATION. Please email or call the studio so that our administrators are able to handle your circumstances accordingly.

Non-Refund policy: Refunds will not be offered after class packages are purchased. Extensions for time of use on class packages can be negotiated on a per instance basis. If a medical condition or injury prevents you from completing your classes, we will place a credit note on file supported by a doctor’s note outlining why the injury/condition affects your participation. Credits will be determined by how many classes are left on your account once we are alerted to the condition.
Passes and Series classes are not transferable to other individuals, classes, workshops or merchandise. Please contact us to discuss your circumstances. Thank you for understanding.